’47 Merc – Vic Collins


Rahway, New Jersey’s Vic Collins has several amazing kustom accomplishments under his belt yet he manages to play it cool about his ’47 Merc being “just a driver”. Of note, Vic spearheaded the Kopper Kart tribute project, is a talented model car artist, and has a kustom shoebox on the way.

He first picked up his Merc in 2005. It is believed to be the last car the Jersey legend John Pascik had worked on. It came with a big block Pontiac that had called it quits and several body mods that weren’t fully realized including deeply frenched ’65 Impala taillights, Cordoba headlights, and frenched ’49 Plymouth bumpers. It already did have the Olds grille in place though, which Vic knew he’d retain as a reminder of Pascik’s work…

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