’51 Ford – Steve Cogdill


Steve Cogdill has long maintained a passion for kustom cars. His best friend’s dad took him to his first car show in the late-’50s and he fell in love with the style of how the cars were fixed up in the time.

He has a lot of good memories from growing up in Torrance, California in the late-’50s/early-’60s … seeing guys in their Watson-painted cars cruising around the neighborhood and up and down Hawthorne Blvd going to the A&W.

Steve got his license in 1963 and got right in on the boulevard cruising action. By 1964 he had a ’57 Chevy, fixed it up, and even had it painted by none other than Larry Watson. According to Steve, that was just what you did back then.

For his most recent car Steve wanted to get back to those roots – to keep it true to the spirit of a late-’50s kustom like the ones he had seen at shows when he was a kid…

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